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Reflex Equip can assist in the conceptual design and arrange manufacture and installation of completed systems for freight and distribution companies, drum handlers, printers, meat processors and packers, fruit and vegetable growers, automotive component manufacturers and many more.

We have worked with most industry types and welcome your enquiry for complete systems for any application.

At present only a limited range of Conveyor Equipment is available for online purchase however you can contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice and competitive pricing on the right Conveyor System solution for your particular application.

Belt Conveyor Systems

A conveyor style that utilizes a flat belt running on a flat fabricated steel deck or over rollers. They are used where smooth and quiet transport of product is desirable, and is ideally suited to irregular shaped product that cannot easily be moved on other conveyor styles.

Examples of applications other than cartons or tote bins would be the movement of floppy sacks or satchels, bags of powder or flour, or raw food products. This is an excellent conveyor for handling items that may have loose strings or tapes attached that would otherwise get caught in other conveyor styles.

Belt conveyors give a smooth solution for situations where you need a change in elevation - for example inter floor situations or to receive or deliver products to a mezzanine level.


Line Shaft Conveyor Systems

Line shaft is an economical method of conveying flat bottomed product. A series of rollers, each driven by a polyurethane band connected to a single rotating shaft mounted within the conveyor body, drive the product through the system.

 Lineshaft conveyors are made as standard in 245mm, 398mm and 550mm between frame widths.

This style of conveying is ideal in warehouse order picking applications or where cartoned product is being transported through a manufacturing process. It allows for low pressure accumulation, quiet operation and easy installation.
Line shaft conveyors are suitable for transportation of products within warehouse or manufacturing operations where lighter weight cartons, tote bins and other products need to be moved, allowing for a variety of situations requiring directional changes. Limited minimal pressure accumulation of product can be obtained with this style of drive method.

We provide straight modules, curves, and merges, slave drive assemblies, under roller brakes, pneumatic blade stops, personnel gates and many other accessories for this product. Due to the nature of line shaft, one drive can power many metres of conveyor, making it extremely economical. We also supply spare spools, bands and rollers.

Curves, in 30 - 45 - 60 or 90 degree, can be supplied with either straight or tapered rollers, depending on the application.


Gravity Conveyor 

Gravity Roller conveyor is normally used where the cost of powered conveyor is generally unjustifiable and where the use of free gravity forces will allow the product to move freely along the conveyor.

From a small section of conveyor through to a complete multimillion dollar turn - key project installation, Reflex Equip can supply a wide range of Gravity Roller Conveyors to suit most applications.

We offer straight sections, curves, personnel gates, merges and junctions as well as accessories such as product stops and flow control units in our product range. 


Conveyor Curves

Standard curves are 45 and 90 degree and are readily available. Other angles are available to special order.

Standard radius on all curves is 1220mm (measured to the inside vertical face of the outer frame).

The 305mm wide curve is supplied with a single roller, whilst the 460mm and 610mm utilise twin rollers to ensure true product tracking. Tapered rollers can also be provided if required.

All curves can be supplied with fixed or adjustable side guides.

Conveyor Supports

Two types of standard supports are available. Both styles provide adjustment from 600 - 1000mm to “Top of Roller”. Other support styles and purpose built structures are available to special order.

RHS Supports are bolted to the underside of the conveyor frame via a crescent plate. This plate allows for angular alignment during installation.
Pipe stands are also available for economy or for applications where the conveyor may be moved on a frequent basis.

Normally, supports are only placed on every conveyor join (3 stands for 2 frames). Curves always require 2 stands for correct stability.


Conveyor Frames

Standard gravity conveyor frame widths are 305mm, 460mm and 610mm overall. Other widths are available on request.
Conveyor frames are available in both 1.5 metre and 3 metre lengths. Again, other lengths are available to order. Frames are supplied with either “butting plates” (standard) or hook and bar attachments to secure each segment together.
Standard frames are supplied in a “hammer tone” blue spray painted finish. Other colours or finishes are available on request. Galvanised and stainless steel frames are also available against specific order.

Conveyor Rollers

Standard rollers for the conveyor frames we supply are 50.8mm diameter. 

They are available in PVC (25kg capacity), Black Steel and Galvanised Steel in both Medium Duty (140kg capacity ) and Heavy Duty (200kg capacity ) versions to suit varying loads or conditions. Stainless steel rollers for wash down or corrosive applications are also available.

Spring loaded axles slot into holes along the frame. 

On PVC and Medium Duty rollers one end is a D shape whilst the other is round. This allows for easy replacement of damaged rollers.
We supply standard gravity conveyor with rollers at 3 pitches - 79mm, 115mm and 158mm (or multiples of these). 

Rollers at alternative pitching are available to special order.