Hand Trucks

Hand Trucks

From humble beginnings as sack trucks in the 18th century, Hand Trucks have evolved for use in many different industries.

Today, Hand Trucks are widely used in the Transport and Logistics Industry, Office and Hospitality environments and even in the Legal profession with the Solicitors Hand Truck.

Hand Trucks come in many shapes and sizes, the General Purpose Hand Truck for cartons and sacks, the Appliance & Removalist Hand Truck for bigger loads and Hand Trucks specifically designed for Drums, Kegs and Gas Bottles.

Dual Purpose Hand Trucks covert from two wheeled hand Trucks to four wheeled trolleys. As the name implies Folding Hand Trucks fold for easy storage and transport when not in use.

Some of the options that may be considered when choosing a Hand Truck are the types and size of wheels, stair climbing capability and handle type.

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