Vacuum Lifting

Vacuum Lifting


The VacuEasylift Vacuum Lifter is a manual vacuum lifting device that handles almost any type of load. 

The extremely smooth and quick operation is accomplished by using the same handle to lift, lower and release the load and by using the vacuum to hold and lift the load. Industry, engineering shops, warehouses, distribution terminals, VacuEasyLift makes lifting easy in all conceivable working conditions.

VacuEasyLift Vacuum Lifter makes lifting safer, both for operators and for the products being handled. 

The VacuEasylift Vacuum Lifter can lift almost anything and is capable of lifting up to 270kgs. 

Vacuum Lifting Sacks & Bags

 Manually handling sacks and bags carries a high risk of injury.

This is the reason why lifting bags is one of the top 10 most common applications where the VacuEasylift Vacuum Lifter has been used. The VacuEasylift Vacuum Lifter has been developed to pick up paper, plastic, polywoven and hessian sacks. A wide range of suction feet and extended handles make easy work of palletising and de-palletising in every application. 

Vacuum Lifting Of Cartons

Carton handling is a very common application for the VacuEasylift. 

Vacuum Lifting not only makes light work of heavy boxes, but also makes easy handling of large oversize cartons. Our vast range of suction feet enable cartons to be picked up from the top, the side or even whilst still open.

Vacuum Lifting Rolls, Drums & Pails

VacuEasyLift has been supplied into many industries for handling a wide range of rolls, drums and pails. 

Many applications rely on picking products up from the side, rotating them and on many occasions the pick up surface is curved. Many standard units are available as well as the option to have custom built equipment to meet with your exact requirements. 

Adjustable and extended operator handles and suction feet ensure ergonomic design and simple to use effective solutions to every application. 

Vacuum Lifting Sheet Materials

VacuEasyLift has been supplied into many industries for handling materials in sheet form.

Weights of up to 270Kg can be lifted and manoeuvred easily and safely. Many applications require two operators to manually lift and/or rotate sheet materials, the VacuEasyLift allows an operator to be able to manage these tasks single handedly. Typical products handled include the lifting and turning of wooden boards, lengths of timber, doors, work surfaces, pallets, plastic and steel sheets, complete windows, glass sheets and many others.

The Vacuum Lifting Systems range is currently not available for online purchase however you can contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice and competitive pricing on the right Vacuum Lifting System solution for your particular application. 

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