Plastic Bin - Security

Plastic Bin - Security

Based on the simple principle that out of sight is out of mind, this range of Security Plastic Bins, with attached lids, can be fitted with tamper-deterrent security seals.

By keeping high risk or high value items hidden from view, theft and losses can be reduced whenever they are being stored, handled or transported.

Reflex Equip has Plastic Security Bins available in both 30 litre and 50 litre forms. Both are manufactured to an industrial quality and are made to withstand hundreds of journeys. They are also stackable and nestable, meaning you can stack them onto and nest them into one another for space-saving storage. Moreover, these Security Bins have interlocking lids and security holes for locks or ties, ensuring the safety of your products.

Reflex Equip has a wide range of plastic bin and plastic crate solutions for all types of Materials Handling needs. This array of plastic bin and crate sizes ensures that each different aspect of your business is considered and catered for.

Contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice on the right Security Bin for your particular application. We are proud suppliers of Plastic Security Bins in Sydney.