High Density Storage - BOSCOTEK

High Density Storage - BOSCOTEK



The BOSCOTEK range of high density drawer storage cabinets are designed specifically for use in heavy duty commercial and industrial applications.

Key Features

  • Designed to facilitate maximum space optimisation and minimise wasted space.
  • An extensive range of drawer configuration accessories to create infinitely flexible internal drawer arrangements. Allows you to determine exactly how your drawer storage unit will be organised to accommodate your specific workplace requirements.
  • Ideal for storing small parts and tools. BOSCOTEK High Density drawer storage cabinets can offer convenient, efficient and reliable storage for just about anything - from bones to drill bits.
  • Incorporate state of the art mechanisms to assist in the prevention of injury or damage. Only one drawer can be opened at any time reducing the risk of cabinets toppling over with uneven weight distribution. The BOSCOTEK anti-tilt system is a true anti-tilt system and cannot be easily flawed like competitors' products.
  • Available in a range of sizes and drawer configurations to suit your specific requirements. High Density Cabinets can be joined and stacked to create a custom workplace arrangement.
  • Incorporate integrated rear mounted central heavy duty locking mechanisms to provide superior security.
  • Full extension telescopic drawer runner option allowing increased weight capacity (150-200 kgs depending on cabinet size), greater safety and full drawer access. These new innovative runners can be combined in with standard BOSCOTEK single extension drawer runners offering a flexible solution to meet your storage requirement.
  • Base options including mobile and forklift plinths are available.

The BOSCOTEK range is not available for online purchase however you can contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice and competitive pricing on the right BOSCOTEK High Density Drawer Storage Cabinet for your particular application. 


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