Handtrucks-Powered Stair Climber

Handtrucks-Powered Stair Climber

From humble beginnings as sack trucks in the 18th century, Handtrucks have evolved for use in many different industries.

Today, Handtrucks are widely used in the Transport and Logistics Industry, Office and Hospitality environments and even in the Legal profession with the Solicitors Handtruck.

The Powered Stair Climber range adds that extra safety feature allowing stairs to be navigated , both up and down,quickly and safely thanks to the battery powered climbing mechanism. 

COMMERCIAL STAIRCLIMBERS are Mobile battery-powered Stair Climbing machines that offer an alternative solution to a lift, for loads up to 600Kg. They are easy to operate by one person, critically ensuring nobody is under the load being moved (section 21 of the 2004 OHS Act)


SAL LITE Stairclimbers

With a capacity up to 170Kg despite only weighing slightly more than a conventional handtruck, the SAL LITE is the ideal all-rounder. It’s got speed and endurance too, up to 48 steps per minute over 300 steps. Tight landings, spiral staircases, inside or out, there is little that will stop the SAL LITE. Very easy to operate, with vast range of accessories. Tailor your stairclimber to your exact needs.


SAL HD Stairclimbers

The HD stands for Heavy Duty, with an impressive capacity up to 330Kg.  Such power demands great control and the SAL HD certainly has this. Standard features include automatic ‘step edge’ detection and slope braking. They have extremely intuitive controls, ensuring even the casual user can ascend and descend stairs safely. Climbing 10 steps per minute for 120 steps on a single charge, but with a quick change / fast charging battery, the SAL HD will work hard all day.


MTK Stairclimbers (Kennards Lift and Shift)

The MTK, or Mountain Kart is equally at home indoors or out. With heavy duty pneumatic wheels, unique three way braking and multi position handles, moving up to 310Kg is a breeze. Strong tubular steel construction makes the MTK the Go-To for Industrial staircliming. Climbing 10 steps per minute for 120 steps on a single charge, but with a quick change / fast charging battery, the MTK will work hard all day.





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