Pneumatic Wheels

Pneumatic Wheels

Reflex Equip supplies an extensive range of Pneumatic and Semi Pneumatic wheels to suit a great many domestic and industrial applications.

Pneumatic Wheels are a great option for carrying loads over uneven surfaces or in environments that commonly require moving over obstacles. They also have the benefit of providing some additional suspension to protect fragile loads on trolleys or additional grip for moving loads outdoors in wet or muddy environments.

Steel centred Pneumatic Wheels provide higher load capacity and reliable long life performance and are deal for carts, wheelbarrows, handtrucks and more.

Plastic centred Pneumatic Wheels are supplied with butyl rubber seamless (butt-joined) tubes as standard. These premium tubes provide greater reliability and longer life than cheaper alternatives.

Semi-Pneumatic wheels use polyurethane foam-filled tyres and are the premium 'pneumatic' (or semi-pneumatic) wheel option. They are puncture proof and provide the greatest performance and reliability.

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