Bin - Pallet Bin - 755 litres - MegaBin - 1165 x 1165 x 780 mm high - Vented

NA MS7810
  • Bin - Pallet Bin - MegaBin - Vented
  • Bin - Pallet Bin - MegaBin
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The Nally Vented MegaBin pallet bin is Australia’s most versatile bin.

The Nally MegaBin pallet bin is designed for the transport and storage of all rural produce including fruits and vegetables, grapes and olives.

Rounded corners and smoother interior surfaces on the Nally MegaBin pallet bin results in less bruising and damage to your produce.

Multiple vents in sides and base of the Nally MegaBin pallet bin provide superior airflow so products cool faster adding valuable shelf life to your produce.

The design of the Nally MegaBin pallet bin is compatible with most bin handling equipment and Megabins are up to 40% lighter in weight than timber bins and the weight is constant as they don't absorb moisture. This allows for freight efficiencies of 4-5%. In practice you are able to transport 2-3 extra bins of fruit per semi-trailer load.

A lid, tipping bars, hot stamping and numbering are all optionally available for the Nally MegaBin pallet bin.

Nally MegaBin Specifications:

  • Vol. litre: 755
  • Capacity kg: 500
  • External L x W x H mm: 1165 x 1165 x 780
  • Internal L x W mm: 1082 x 1082
  • Net weight 44 kg

Nally MegaBin Features:

  • Rounded corners and smooth, non porous surface
  • Multiple vents in sides and base
  • Unique design with a larger forklift entry than timber bins
  • Moulded label holders for cards & tags
  • Built-in, comfortable hand holds for easy lifting & handling
  • Positive interlocking foot design permitting fast & safe stacking
  • 500 kg Capacity

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