Handling & Lifting Equipment

Handling & Lifting Equipment

Contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice on the right handling and lifting equipment for your warehouse. With pallet trucks, pallet levellers, scissor lift tables and various other products available, you can easily lift, carry and transport heavy items throughout the workplace.

Also called pallet trucks, pallet jacks are perfect for loading and unloading goods in warehouses, docks and factories. Both manual and electric forms are available, providing ease of movement of items regardless of the application you have in mind. For uses in corrosive environments, cool rooms and clean rooms, we supply stainless steel and galvanised pallet trucks.

Pallet positioners, pallet wrappers, pallet turntables and plastic pallets all make up our assortment of pallet handling equipment. Pallet positioners are particularly designed to relieve worker fatigue and minimise the risk of back injuries, and pallet turntables help rotate loads and increase workplace productivity.

From our range of scissor lift trolleys, our Manual Scissor Lift Trolley – 750kg – 1000 x 510mm Deck – 900mm Lift provides a safe and efficient method of lifting and moving loads in manufacturing, office, healthcare and educational environments. It has a quick release system and a handle that can fold flat for convenient storage.

Our range of tie downs covers most load restraint applications. Ideal for utilities and box trailers, ratchet straps have two Grange Lift wear sleeves and can providing consistent load securing. Please note that all load restraint products should not be used for lifting purposes.

We are proud to supply the Sydney market with handling and lifting equipment suitable for a range of industries.

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