Forklift Attachments

Forklift Attachments

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With Reflex Equip’s selection of Forklift Attachments, you can adapt your forklift to be anything from a Bin Compactor, a Scraper to move sand and gravel, a Jib Crane or a Drum Lifter or Drum Rotator the possibilities are many. This can prove to be especially effective in warehouses, docks, construction sites and factories, as this comprehensive range of forklift attachments can ensure your employees safely perform manual handling tasks in the workplace.

From our assortment of Jib Attachments, our Forklift Attachment Jib – Fixed – 2500kg Short is designed for industrial manoeuvring of items in confined spaces, with a 2 metre reach when fully extended. It also has wide pockets for forklifts with special hydraulic line positioners and is supplied with a safety swivel hook and shackle.

Drum Handling Forklift Attachments can involve anything from lifting and raising drums to tilting, positioning and transporting them. While some Drum Lifter Forklift Attachments incorporate fully automatic clamping actions like our Drum Lifter – Forklift Attachment – Crane Drum Clamp, some feature a unique Grab Beak design, such as our Drum Rotator – Forklift Attachment – Hydraulic – Battery.

Suited for the safe transfer of goods between ground and mezzanine levels, Fork Mounted Goods Cages offer a convenient solution to transporting small and large items. Our Forklift Attachment – Goods Stillage Cage – 1205 x 1205mm can be easily dismantled for valuable space saving efficiency, and you can stack it up to 4 high when empty and 2 high when loaded.

From our range of Roll Prongs, the Forklift Attachment – Roll Prong – 2800mm – 1700kg is perfect for carrying goods with a centre hole, such as rolls of carpet, cable and wire rolls, tyres and such. It additionally has an enamel paint finish and a 2.8m prong length.

Reflex Equip is proud to provide customers in Sydney Forklift Attachment solutions for a number of industries.

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