Hazardous Storage and Containment

Hazardous Storage and Containment

Reflex Equip offers a comprehensive range of products relating to all aspects of hazardous materials storage, spill prevention and containment and health and safety at work.

Hazardous Storage Cabinets and Gas Lockers in our range include Flammable Storage Cabinets that provide a safe, secure and time-saving method for storing all types of dangerous chemicals and help you to maintain good housekeeping practices. Corrosive Storage Cabinets have a Polyethylene tray on each shelf to collect any accidental spillages. Designed to withstand fire Corrosive Storage Cabinets provide a safe environment to store most corrosive chemicals. Gas Cylinder Storage Lockers safely secure LPG cylinders, oxygen cylinders and other compressed gas cylinders from theft and unauthorized access.

We can offer expert advice on spill prevention and spill containment and control and recommend the most suitable products to keep your employees and work environment safe. Spill Containment Pallets, Spill Decking and Workstations and Hazardous Waste Recovery Drums are just some of the products we can offer.

When things do go wrong our range of Spill Response Kits provides a simple and safe solution for handling a variety of spills. General Purpose Spill Kits are suitable for oils, fuels, solvents, agricultural chemicals, coolant and general workshop chemicals. The Hazchem Spill Kit for acids and caustics. We also carry a range of Spill Kits to handle spills in Laboratory and Medical environments.

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