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Reflex Equip offers quality ladder, step ladders at wholesale prices from reputable ladder brands. We stock the widest range of ladders, ladders accessories and work platforms in Australia. We only supply quality ladder brands like Bailey ladders, Indalex ladders, Stockmaster ladders.

Step ladders and Multipurpose ladders:

Stepladders are also referred to as A-frame ladders. They are available in single-sided step ladders and double-sided step ladders.  Customers can choose any 2 step ladders, 3 step ladders up to 12 step ladders. They can also choose either fiberglass stepladders or aluminum stepladders depending on their applications.  An extremely popular step ladder that we sell online is the Indalex 4 step ladder double-sided aluminum.

Some of our stepladders are called multipurpose ladders. They can transform from a double-sided step ladder into a single-sided stepladder but much longer. This makes them extremely versatile for all working environments. We are proud to supply countless construction companies with one of the best multipurpose 6 steps Bailey aluminum multi-purpose step ladder.

Platform ladders:

Our platform ladders and work platforms are available in fiberglass platform ladders and aluminum platform ladders. Construction sites, warehouses, distribution centers favor the aluminum ladders more as they are more robust and can withstand harsh environments. Meanwhile, electricians lean towards fiberglass platform ladders as they do not conduct electricity or heat which is a lot safer for their applications.

Reflex Equip stocks the Bailey platform ladders, Indalex platform ladders, Monstar platform ladders, and Stockmaster work platforms. Some of the bulky platform ladders are equipped with castors to increase their mobility. The Indalex 2.4m platform ladder is very popular as the ladder’s height is suitable for many industries and working environments. You can also purchase ladder accessories for them such as castors to make it easier to move around.

Order picking ladders:

Order picking ladders or stock picking ladders are used in many warehouses, distribution centers, or factories to allow operators to pick stocks, goods in hard-to-reach tall places. Our Bailey stock picking ladders, Stockmaster, and Monstar stock picking are all equipped with castors, massive work platforms or standing platforms. Their weight rating capacity is up to 150kg. Customers will have an opportunity to pick anything from 2 steps up to 14 steps and the platform height up to 4m. You can never go wrong with an order picking ladder such as the 6 step monstar order picker ladder aluminum which 150kg rated capacity.

Safety step stools:

We stock the highest, heavy-duty safety step stools on the market at affordable prices. The anti-slipped surface along with a robust construction will allow our step stools to hold up to 180kg safely. These step stools are not ordinary ones like step stools Kmart or stepping stool bunnings. They are quality step stools that we supply to supermarkets, offices, factories, and warehouses.

Ladders Accessories:

Enhance work safety and productivity with a comprehensive range of ladders accessories you can get for your ladders. Anything from replacement castors, stepladder safety gate, safety gate rails, or platform ladders handrails. We will have the right kit for your jobs.

We also offer the Australian standard compliance safety harness kits for operators who happen to work in a dangerous environment.

Uses of Our industrial ladders, stepladders, platform ladders, extension ladders, order picking ladders:

The most popular industries that buy our industrial ladders are warehouses, construction companies, distribution centers, and factories. These industries prefer to use our platform aluminum ladders and extension step ladders. Meanwhile, if your work involves working with heat, electricity, it would be more suitable to look at the fiberglass platform ladders and fiberglass stepladders. For people who is only after small single-sided step ladders because they have limited storage, they can opt for our Indalex foldable slimline step ladders.

Things to look out for when buying a ladder:

Buying a ladder as an investment can be quite stressful especially if you don’t know what to look for. The main things you would need to look at when buying a ladder are:

  • Material of the ladder: aluminum ladders vs fiberglass ladders
  • Working platform height of the ladders
  • How many steps you need your ladders to have for your applications
  • Safety working limit of the ladder
  • Mobility of a ladder. Do you need to have castors with your platform ladders?
  • Is the ladder collapsible or foldable and be stored away easily?
  • Do you need a multi-purpose stepladder that can be transformed from double-sided to single-sided?