Waste Management

Waste Management

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Wheelie Bins offer the ideal solution for managing household refuse, commercial waste, recyclable materials and household organics. Available in a comprehensive range of sizes and colours, many of these wheelie bins are just as suitable for use in industrial environments like warehouses and factories as they are in households.

Garbage bins such as our 120 Litre Yellow Waste Bin Wheelie Bin are injection-moulded with high density polyethylene (HDPE) for enhanced durability. These wheelie bins are manufactured in accordance with Australian Standards AS4123, as well as DIN EN 840 – the current internationally recognised standard for MGB Wheelie Bins. As they can withstand heat, frost, decay, chemicals and UV rays, they are suitable for use in numerous work settings.

For wheelie bins that are incredibly manoeuvrable, look no further than the Premium 660 Litre Mobile Waste Container. This waste bin is perfect for use in office blocks, shopping centres, food outlets, factories and more. Thanks to its various wheel assembly configurations and easy grip handles on all sides, you can easily manoeuvre this portable wheelie bin in the workplace.

Our selection of Mobile Waste Bins is hard to beat. The 1000kg Bin Compacter Forklift Attachment enables the forklift operator to safely and effortlessly compact bulky waste products like cardboard and plastic to maximise bin capacity and lower waste removal costs.

Reflex Equip also supplies Wheelie Bin Lifters & Tippers, Pedal Bins, Swing Top Tidy Bins, Office Recycling Bins and Wheelie Bin Accessories. All of these products are designed for the rigorous market demands of industrial and commercial applications. With our huge range of wheelie bins, we are proud to provide our Sydney customers with safe and efficient wheelie bin solutions.

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