Wheels and Castors

Wheels and Castors

 Reflex Equip carries a huge range of industrial, furniture and medical castors and wheels; we supply to manufacturers, warehouses, schools, hospitals and retailers throughout Sydney. Our castor and wheel range is designed for form and function, with signature style, very competitive pricing and first-class quality and performance, all backed up with a manufacturer's warranty. With castors available for light, medium and heavy duty applications, we have your goods transportation needs covered.

Light duty castors are used with trolleys, furniture dollies, hotel carts and food service racks for loads typically between 30kg and 200kg.

Medium duty castors are perfect for use with linen carts, work platforms and stock trolleys ranging between 50kg and 600kg in capacity.

Heavy duty castors are the ideal choice for loads between 450kg and 3500kg, and are generally used for moving automotive parts, shipping containers and multi-purpose industrial trolleys.

When it comes to working with heat (such as in baking ovens), high temperature castors are the ideal choice for many hospitality and high heat environments. With glass filled nylon (150°C to 210°C), phenolic (100°C to 300°C) and cast iron (200°C to 400°C) configurations, the industrial possibilities are many.

For applications below 5°C, low temperature castors are the standard choice, particularly for coolrooms, freezing stores and outdoor winter use. If specified at the time of ordering, we can use a special aeronautical grease that is synthetic oil with a microgel thickener and is compounded for use down to -30°C.

Reflex Equip is proud to provide customers in Sydney castor solutions for a number of industries.

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