Wheelie Bin Lifters & Tippers

Wheelie Bin Lifters & Tippers

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Our Wheelie Bin Lifter range includes 12, 240 and 415 volt electric bin lifters as well as manual bin lifters with lifting capacities of 50 or 100 kilograms.

Fitted with various safety features, our Wheelie Bin Lifter – Wrightway2MT – 240v – 240kg – 1800mm Tip Height is certified to meet and exceed Australian Safety Standards. With easy to access foot-operated brake levers and an emergency stop switch, this Bin Lifter is made to enhance workplace safety. Additionally, it has full guarding, built-in forklift pockets and a 12 month warranty for machine and battery.

The Wheelie Bin Lifter – Dumpmaster – 12v – 250kg – 1830mm Tip Height is designed for lifting and emptying products and waste with no back strain. It has a hot-dip galvanised frame with a zinc-plated welded-wire mesh guarding, and is available with 3-phase, 1-phase, or battery-powered systems.

Capable of lifting 80L, 120L, 140L and 240L Wheelie Bins, our Wheelie Bin Lifter – Simplicity Plus – 12 volt – 150kg – 1500mm high receptacles is the ideal unit for medium weight and frequent lifts. You simply push the lift button and this bin tipper will empty the bin in an easy 40-second cycle. As such, it is perfect for use in larger offices, apartment blocks, waste disposal companies and event organisers.

Reflex Equip has a multitude of Bin Lifter solutions suitable for all types of industrial environments. We are proud to supply our Sydney customers with Wheelie Bin Lifters and Tippers.