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The Value of Industrial Steel Platform Trolleys

Industrial steel platform trolleys may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering investments for your business. However, these versatile and reliable tools play a crucial role in improving effi


How to choose and buy the best ladders

It can be overwhelming having to go through a wide range of ladders and choosing an adequate ladder for your application. Our comprehensive buying guide written by the experts at Reflex Equip will assis


Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling is the process of moving products within a storage facility. This involves loading, unloading, palletising and de-palletising, and also includes the distribution, consumption and disposal

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Welcome to Reflex Equip

Storage and Material Handling Equipment

Reflex Equip is Australia’s top supplier of all material handling equipment. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Reflex Equip is a proudly Australian-owned company that manufactures, imports, and distributes a comprehensive range of material handling equipment. Reflex Equip has established a trustworthy reputation among our customers by consistently delivering reliable, high-quality material handling equipment and providing exceptional customer service to all our customers. Contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice on the right Material Handling Equipment for your particular application.

Our full range of Material Handling Equipment

Industrial Trolleys, Hand Trucks, and Dollies:

Our broad range of industrial trolleys consists of a variety of warehouse trolleysoffice cartsutility cartsservice carts, and steel trolleys. We have all kinds of industrial trolleys to suit different types of situations. We have got the folding platform trolleys if you are after a compact trolley, if you are after a heavy-duty flatbed trolley for your construction applications, you can go for our Australian Made Steel Trolleys. Our multi-tier trolleys are available in stainless steel, aluminium, or steel. They are ideal for the hospitality and healthcare industries.

We also have many hand trucks and dollies available to be used for moving furniture and other heavy objects.

Industrial Ladders, Work Platforms, and Step Stools:

We supply the best ladders and work platforms from leading brands in Australia such as Bailey Ladders and Indalex ladder. We stock a massive range of industrial ladders such as platform laddersstep ladders, A-frame ladders, and order picking ladders. Depending on your applications, we will have a suitable ladder for your need. You have options to choose from a fiberglass ladder or an aluminium ladder.  You can choose the number of steps and the height of a ladder to fit your storage capacity as well as to suit your applications.

You can also buy our heavy-duty plastic step stools and mobile step stools at Reflex Equip. Our step stools are robust, reliable and are extremely popular among distribution centres, offices, and warehouses.

Pallet Jacks, Walkie stackers, and Scissor Lift Tables:

Reflex Equip stock both electric pallet jacks and manual pallet jacks. Our pallet jacks have different fork sizes and capacity rates available. Depending on your applications, and the environment you work in, you will find a suitable pallet lifter, pallet mover, and pallet jack on our website.

Our walkie stacker, platform lifting stacker or also known as walk-behind pallet stacker are extremely popular for factories or warehouses where a forklift is too big to fit in. Buyers will have the option to pick a manual walkie stacker such as the winch-operated walkie stacker or an electric walkie stacker.

We also supply scissor lift trolleysscissor lift table trolleys otherwise known as hydraulic lifter trolleys. This will allow operators to safely lift heavy loads up and down on a platform.

Plastic storage:

We stock the largest range of industrial plastic container storage. Our plastic storage range includes plastic tub storage, heavy-duty storage boxes, plastic cratesplastic buckets, plastic mega bins, and more. Our selection of plastic storage containers can also come with a lid. They are stackable storage boxes. You can use our small clear plastic storage containers to store small spare parts, accessories. Meanwhile, the large storage boxes are used to store larger items. All our plastic storage products are made from high-grade recycled material polypropylene.

Our main offices and warehouses are in Sydney NSW. We also have multiple distribution centres and personal representative services across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. This will allow us to deliver your packages at a lightning speed no matter where you are in Australia.

Shop online at Reflex Equip website and let our experienced, dedicated team assist you with all your material handling inquiries. We aim to provide our customers with the best reliable material handling equipment at competitive prices.

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