Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems

At present only a limited range of Conveyor Equipment is available for online purchase however you can contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice and competitive pricing on the right Conveyor System solution for your particular application.

The 500 and 700 Series Extendaflex mobile roller Conveyors can be purchased online and are economical expandable gravity Conveyors that are ideal for multi sized packages in low to medium volume applications. These Conveyors will expand from 2500mm to 7500mm and have a capacity of 150kg and 200kg per linear metre respectively.

Extendaflex Conveyors are a unique flexible mobile conveyor that expand, contract, twist and turn into an 's' shape or circle and feature quick set-up with adjustable height legs on lockable castors.

Reflex Equip can assist in the conceptual design and arrange manufacture and installation of completed systems for freight and distribution companies, drum handlers, printers, meat processors and packers, fruit and vegetable growers, automotive component manufacturers and many more. Belt Conveyor Systems, Line Shaft Conveyor Systems and
Gravity Conveyors are just some of the Conveyor types that we can help with. Adept Conveyor Systems and Longreach Conveyor Systems are just some of the well known Conveyor brands that we can assist you with.

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