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Reflex Equip is Australia’s top plastic storage container supplier. We supply top quality industrial grade plastic tubs, plastic bins, plastic crates, plastic drums and jerry cans. Our plastic storage boxes are sourced both locally and handpicked from the best oversea suppliers. Reflex Equip is known to provide their customers with competitive wholesale prices.

Our plastic products are made from food-grade virgin polyethylene. They are eco friendly, and the plastic construction is robust. Our full range of plastic products include the following:

Plastic Stack and Nest Bins or Plastic Stack and Nest Tubs:

Our plastic stack and nest tubs and plastic bins are ideal for storing products and stacking them away. When there are limited spaces, they can stack on each other to save room. Our plastic storage tubs come with lids, and we have options for food grade large plastic storage containers. We stock such a diverse range from small plastic tubs to big plastic tubs. You also have an option to choose any colours that you like. One of our top selling plastic tubs is the storage container with lid that can stack is the 53L Thor plastic storage container with lids. It is also a food grade plastic container. They also refer to it as a storage tote or a tote box.

Beside from being able to stack on top of each other, our industrial plastic bins can also nest into one another when they are empty. Making our stack and nest crates or bins the most versatile on the market.

Stackable Tote Boxes:

We supply the highest quality stackable Tote Boxes of different sizes and colours to consumers in all locations across Australia. They are also food-grade tote boxes so you can store food, produce in there. Our tote boxes usually come with lid, and they are stackable so you can save a lot of space in your warehouse or offices.

Plastic Round Bins:

Our Thor round plastic bins are used in many industries such as hospitality or food processing. These round plastic bins are often used as small round plastic trash cans, some extra-large round plastic containers are also used in bigger applications. Our round plastic bins range from 38L and all the way to 200L plastic round bin. Our round plastic storage bins are made from the highest quality of polypropylene. They will last a lifetime and can handle any type of harsh environments. Our round plastic bins can also be supplied with lids and dolly to move them around.

Large Square Plastic Bins and Large rectangle plastic bins:

Our heavy duty, bulk rotomolded plastic bins are ideal for storing and transporting all type of goods. They have huge capacity of up to 500L Rotomolded plastic container and they are food-grade quality. They are ideal solution for food processing, laundries, pharmaceutical and manufacturing companies.

Round buckets and pails:

We have many sizes of round plastic buckets and plastic pails available to suit all or applications. 1L, 2L, 4L, 10L, and 20L capacities available. Our bucket and pails can hold anything from paints to chemicals, or food or just any form of liquid.

Plastic crates:

Reflex Equip stocks a wide range of food produce crates, milk crates, bread crates and collapsible plastic crates. Our stackable plastic storage crates are available in many sizes, and they are food grade crates. You can use our heavy-duty plastic crates to store produce, bread and other stuff.

Plastic Drums and Jerry Cans:

Our plastic food grade barrels are constructed using the best materials. The blue barrels are used to store drinking water as they are food grade. Our jerry cans are perfect to store fuel and other dangerous goods.

Mega bins or Pallet bins:

We stock the original Australian standard bulk bin sizes food grade bins at Reflex Equip. Our Nally Mega Bins have two options of either being vented bins or solid bins to suit all applications. Our pallet bins have many sizes from 750L and up to 1000L. If you have limited storage, you can opt for our quality collapsible pallet bin or collapsible folding mega bins.

Small Parts Plastic Storage Containers:

At Reflex Equip, we stock a wide range of small plastic storage containers or small plastic storage boxes with a wide range of compartments and trays. Our Fischer plastic clear storage containers are made locally in Australia at incredible prices. These small storage tubs or small plastic storage boxes are extremely useful in storing small parts and accessories. They also come with different compartments so you can easily organize different small parts and accessories.

What industries and applications can use our plastic storage containers and bins:

Storage and transportation applications in warehousing, material handling and distribution industries, these plastic bins are designed to enhance safety and productivity in your workplace.

Food processing, hospitality, supermarkets can benefit greatly from our Food Grade plastic container or food grade plastic bins.

Shop Online at Reflex Equip and we can deliver them to your door at any locations in Australia. Anywhere from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane ,Darwin, Perth and Adelaide, our company will be able to deliver them to you in no time.