Bins - Crates - Pails - Drums

Bins - Crates - Pails - Drums

Reflex Equip has a wide variety of plastic bins, crates, pails and drums available. Suitable for storage and transportation applications in warehousing, material handling and distribution industries, these plastic bins are designed to enhance safety and productivity in your workplace.

Many of our plastic bins are capable of being stacked and/or nested into one another to save space. For instance, the 46 Litre #10 Stack & Nest Bin – 645 x 413 x 276mm High – Red is both stackable and nestable, and is manufactured with high quality UV resistant food grade material, ensuring you can use it in food processing, meat trades and various other food and hospitality industries.

Our selection of vented plastic crates includes prawn crates, produce crates, bread and confectionery crates. Thanks to their ventilated constructions, they have increased airflow that allows their contents to cool at a much faster rate than non-vented crates.

MegaBins and Pallet Bins are commonly used for storing rural produce like fruits and vegetables, such as grapes and olives. Our 775L MegaBin Pallet Bin - Solid has rounded corners and smooth interior surfaces that reduce bruising, as well as a built-in design that accommodates for larger forklift entry than timber bins.

If you are after a plastic pail or can for your workplace, we have numerous round plastic pails in 1L, 2L, 4L, 10L, and 20L capacities. They are perfect for storing water-based paints, adhesives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food products.

In addition to the plastic bins mentioned, we also supply plastic security bins, plastic trays, plastic buckets, plastic drums, jerry cans, plastic storage tanks and more. Reflex Equip is your trusted provider of plastic bins in Sydney.

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