High Temperature Castors

High Temperature Castors

The standard wheels and castors that Reflex Equip supply have a temperature range of 5° Celsius to 60° Celsius. Within this range our products work normally for their full working life. For applications with temperatures outside this range we supply specialised high temperature wheels designed to withstand temperatures of baking ovens.

High Temperature use:
The customer must specify the temperature and type of application before ordering to ensure that the appropriate wheel type is selected. 
As temperatures increase wheels become weaker and this lowers the load capacity. In static (non-moving) applications with sustained high temperatures over long periods of time the material will begin to deteriorate, which shortens the working life of the wheel. Reflex Equip supply three different wheel types designed specifically for use in high temperature environments. These specialised wheels use standard lithium complex grease (STABUTHERM® GH 461) which has excellent water resistance, bearing retention and long life.

Glass Reinforced Nylon Phenolic Cast Iron
 150° Celsius to 210° Celsius  100° Celsius to 300° Celsius  200°Celsius to 400°Celsius

The best choice for Hospitality based applications such as ‘food baking’ ovens. It can withstand sustained high temperatures and is gentle and quiet on most floor surfaces. Glass reinforced nylon wheels are the preferred wheel for extended periods of up to 210° Celsius (assuming most of their life is spent outside the oven), and for short periods up to 230° Celsius.

Phenolic is more brittle than Glass Reinforced Nylon and it has a shorter life cycle but can go up to very high temperatures. Phenolic is a good choice for light duty Industrial applications with very high temperatures such as ovens used for curing paint. The load capacity decreases from 125kg at 100° Celsius to 40kg at 300° Celsius therefore it is very important to ensure that the load capacity of the trolley fits within the appropriate temperature and load capacity. 
The best choice for Industrial based applications such as ‘paint curing’ ovens and also for use in sustained high temperature environments. It can withstand extreme high temperatures as well as higher load capacities than all other wheel types. Cast Iron wheels do not have bearings. They have a plain bore fitted with an axle spacer that is lubricated with high temperature grease. This grease can be used up to 230°Celsius for long periods.