Pallet Trucks - Pallet Jacks - Skid Lifters

Pallet Trucks - Pallet Jacks - Skid Lifters

Hand Pallet Trucks from Reflex Equip are an indispensable tool for loading and unloading goods in warehouses, docks and factories.

Our Pallet Jacks come in various sizes, load capacities and options (including brake) to suit most applications, allowing easy movement of standard (Chep type) and non standard pallets.

If you’re looking for a Pallet Jack with long forks, consider our Super Long Pallet Jack – 685mm Wide – 1800mm Long – 2000kg – Standard. It has an incredibly long length of 1.8m, and features a 3-position control handle, grease fittings at key points, a totally sealed hydraulic pump and a fully adjustable push rod under the forks.

Our Stainless Steel Pallet Truck – 685mm Wide – 1150mm long – 2000kg – Standard is designed to work in hygiene areas or areas with high levels of salt/fresh water or chemicals. On the other hand, our Galvanised Pallet Jack – 685mm Wide – 1150mm Long – 2000kg – Standard is suitable for work in corrosive environments, cool rooms or clean room applications.

When it comes to ease of use, the Electric Pallet Jack – Standard Width – 1500kg has automatic lifting, lowering, walking and turning all at the press of a button.

With a welded steel frame and a reliable 12V/60ah power unit for easier and faster lifting, our Electric Skid Lifter – 1000kg – 680 x 1170mm – 800mm Lift is built for success.

Contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice on the right Pallet Jack for your particular application. We are your trusted suppliers of Pallet Trucks and Skid Lifters in Sydney.