Mezzanine Ladders & Lifts

Mezzanine Ladders & Lifts

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The Stockmaster Mezzalad Mezzanine Ladder range provides access to Mezzanine floors and space above offices, tea rooms, etc. and stores out of the way when not in use with a simple lift and push action.

The Mezzanine Ladder includes an upper floor gate and two hand rails to assist safe and easy climbing and a safe step-through design with a comfortable 600 mm between hand rails

The Mezzanine Ladder range features fast and simple installation with universal fixing bracket and two bolt fixing and is available in a size to suit your application.

Eliminate the dangerous practice of carrying items up or down a ladder with the StockMaster Mezzalift Mezzanine Good Lift

The StockMaster Mezzalift is a cost effective goods lift for mezzanine floors and other elevated work and storage areas.

The operator can easily move items weighing up to sixty kilos using a simple winding mechanism which automatically brakes the load when the winch handle is released.