Office Storage Systems

Office Storage Systems

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The Brownbuilt Legato Filing Cabinet range by Brownbuilt is available in two, three or four drawer configurations and has been engineered to provide reliable and practical office storage.

Office Cupboards and Cabinets by Brownbuilt offer design strength that will stand up to the test of time. Integrated door frames with welded tops, fixed bottom shelves and sturdy shelves ensure a strong and stable storage unit.

Office Shelving provides a flexible storage system for todays office. Can store virtually anything and grows as you grow by converting into mobile storage systems easily and economically.Expert advice available for your application.

Mobile Office Storage Systems create additional workspace by providing high volume storage of items that need to be close at hand. Tracks do not require fixing to the floor or the cutting of floor coverings.

Steel Lockers by Brownbuilt are built to exacting industry standards for storage and security. Rigid carcass construction, sturdy internal door hinges and firmly fixed shelves ensure strength and durability.