Castor - "M" High Temp - 100kg - Cast Iron Wheel - 75mm - Bolt Hole Swivel - 200° to 400°

  • Castor - Bolt Hole - Swivel
  • Castor - Bolt Hole - Diagram
  • The best choice for Industrial based applications such as paint curing ovens and also for use in sustained high temperature environments.
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IMPORTANT You must specify the temperature and type of application when ordering High Temperature castors to ensure that the appropriate wheel type is selected. This can be done in the “Order Instructions/Comments” section of the Checkout and we will contact you to verify your selection.

As temperatures increase wheels become weaker and this lowers the load capacity. In static (non-moving) applications with sustained high temperatures over long periods of time the material will begin to deteriorate, which shortens the working life of the wheel. ‘Reflex Equip’ supply three different wheel types designed specifically for use in high temperature environments. These specialised wheels use standard lithium complex grease (STABUTHERM® GH 461) which has excellent water resistance, bearing retention and long life.

With a load rating of 100kg @ 200° Celsius per castor, this Cast Iron wheeled “M” Series range of High Temperature Castors is the best choice for Industrial based applications such as ‘paint curing’ ovens and also for use in sustained high temperature environments. It can withstand extreme high temperatures as well as higher load capacities than all other wheel types. Cast Iron wheels do not have bearings. They have a plain bore fitted with an axle spacer that is lubricated with high temperature grease. This grease can be used up to 230°Celsius for long periods. 

For temperatures that exceed 230°Celsius, more exotic grease is required and you will need to inform us of this at the time of placing your order.

WARNING: Cast Iron is heavy, noisy and may damage concrete floors and other floor surfaces.

Can be fitted with 1/2” or M12 bolt mounts (with M12 threaded tube ends or expanding adaptors). Alternatively you could add pintles which are available in the Accessories section. Bushes are also
available to reduce to 8mm, 3/8" and 10mm.

“M” Series High Temperature Castor Specifications:

  • Capacity (per wheel) kg: 100kg @ 200° Celsius
  • Diameter x Tread Width mm: 75 x 28
  • Hub Width x Bore mm: 41 x 12
  • Tyre Material: Cast Iron
  • Temperature Range Celsius: 200° - 400°
  • Bearing Type: NA
  • Fork Type: Bolt Hole Swivel

“M” Series High Temperature Castor Features:

  • Wheel and castors for extreme temperatures
  • 1 year warranty
  • Excellent design and performance

Reflex Equip carry a huge range of industrial, furniture and medical castors - designed for form and function, with signature style, very competitive prices and first-class quality and performance, backed up with a manufacturer's warranty.

Reflex Equip specialise in working with manufacturers to specify and customize castors to perfectly complement their equipment and furniture design.

Contact Reflex Equip today for expert advice on the right Castor for your particular application.

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