Drum Dispensing Rack - Poly-Rack System - POLY-RACKER - Base Unit

  • Drum Dispensing Rack - 2 Drum - Poly Racker
  • Drum Dispensing Rack - 2 Drum - Poly Racker
  • Poly Racker with 2 x Poly Stackers
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The centerpiece of the Poly-Rack System is the POLY-RACKER, a unique one piece polyethylene drum rack that holds two 205-litre drums securely in place. 

A massive 400 litre containment sump ensures spill safety even in worst-case drum leaks. The deep dispensing well easily holds 20-litre pails while containing incidental spills and splashes in a ribbed bottom without contaminating the sump. Dispensing wells have a scalloped edge so pails can be easily removed.

The POLY-RACKER™ forms the base of the drum dispensing rack and the POLY-STACKER unit allows multiple rows for storage and dispensing of up to 6 drums.

POLY-RACKER Drum Dispensing Rack Specifications:

  • Overall L x W x H mm: 1450 x 1310 x 485
  • Sump litres:400
  • Weight kg: 50

POLY-RACKER Drum Dispensing Rack Features

  • Safer dispensing and storage
  • Poly-Racker forms the base and the Poly-Stacker allows mutilple rows for storage and dispensing.
  • Load using materials handling equipment
  • Each Poly-Stacker holds 2 x 205 litre drums
  • Store up to 6 drums using this system

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