Drum Rack - Tilting - Universal

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This universal heavy duty Tilting Drum Rack will handle Steel, Plastic and Fibre drums

Now you can load, store and move 200 litre drums with ease!

It takes minimal effort using the removable handle (sold separately) to take a drum from the vertical plane to an elevated horizontal plane so it can be decanted.

Drum Rack Specifications:

  • Width mm: 535
  • Height mm: 560
  • Max Load kg: 350
  • Wheel Diameter mm: 100

Drum Rack Features:

  • Removable handle provides the leverage required to enable one man to easily load drum onto rack without risk of injury.
  • Automatically engages underside of drum as drum is tilted forward.
  • Separately supplied handle means only one handle is required to operate a number of racks.

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