Drum Handling Equipment

Drum Handling Equipment

Reflex Equip offers a huge range of Drum Handling Equipment to cater for almost any situation that involves the moving, lifting and rotation of plastic and metal drums.

Drum Trolleys and Drum Dollies are used to easily transport Drums. Horizontal Drum Lifting Clamps suspend from the hook of a crane or a hoist whilst Drum Lifters load and unload vertical drums on and off pallet.

Drum Handling Forklift Attachments allow forklifts to become more productive by turning them into Drum Lifters and Drum Rotators at less cost than dedicated machines.

Drum racks are indispensable in garages, warehouses and factories and reduce the physical effort of drum handling and have been designed for the convenient moving, safe storage and decanting of 205 litre drums.

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