Spill Pallet - 4 Drum - Covered Roll Top

  • Spill Pallet - 4 Drum - Covered Roll Top - Open
  • Spill Pallet - 4 Drum - Covered Roll Top - Closed
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The Roll Top 4-Drum Square Bunded Spill Pallet is suitable for holding 4 x 205L (44gal) drumssuitable for holding 4 x 205L (44gal) drums. Features an easy open roll top cover that is lockable for extra security

Spill Pallet Roll Top Specifications:
  • Length x Width x Height mm: 1450 x 1400 x 2070
  • Sump litre: 410
  • Load(UDL) kg: 1250
Spill Pallet Roll Top Features:
  • Huge 410 litre sump
  • Easy open roll top cover
  • Lockable for extra security
  • Rotomolded from 100% polyethylene
  • Broadband chemical resistance
  • Moved with a forklift when loaded
  • Removable non-slip grates
  • Raised lip helps to keep load secure
  • Meets EPA requirements
What is a Spill Pallet?
A Spill Pallet is a bunded secondary containment item that is designed to hold containers of oil and fuels, typically in either a 205 litre drum or in an intermediate bulk container. It is called a 'secondary containment item' because it is designed to catch the leaks and spill of the container's contents which rest upon it.
The secondary containment item must be able to hold 110% of the largest container above.Therefore if a person were to try to store 4 x 205 litres drums on the sump pallet, the sump pallet must be able to hold 225.5 litres of oil.
What is a Bund (Sump)?
A bund is an embankment or wall of brick, stone, concrete or other impervious material, which forms the perimeter and floor of a compound and provides a barrier to retain liquid. Since the bund is the main part of a spill containment system, the whole system (or bunded area) is colloquially referred to as the ‘bund’. Bunds should be designed to contain spillages and leaks of liquids used, stored or processed above ground and to facilitate clean-up operations. As well as being used to prevent pollution of the receiving environment, bunds are also used for fire protection, product recovery and process isolation. 
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