Tyre - Pneumatic - 350 x 6 - KNO Tread

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These Pneumatic Tyres witha KNO pattern tread are made from a mix of natural and synthetic rubber in 4 ply (for excellent durability, abrasion resistance, elasticity and strength.

The KNO pattern features a knobbly pattern which is often preferred for outdoor use, good for gravel or uneven terrain.

Lower quality alternatives on the market have a shiny appearance and a distinctive oil smell, indicating a high proportion of reground tyres (crumbed rubber). This leads to poor strength (particularly around the bead wire which can cause tyres to pop off the rim under load) and short product life.

Pneumatic Tyre Specification:

  • Size: 350 x 6
  • Ply: 4
  • Tread: KNO
  • Colour: Black

Pneumatic Tyre Features:

  • Hi Quality
  • Premium Ride 
  • High Load Capacity
  • Long Life

It is normal for air filled wheels to lose tyre pressure over time even if they are not being used and it’s important for your safety that you ensure that the wheels are pumped up to their recommended PSI before use.

Pneumatic wheels are a great option for carrying loads over uneven surfaces or in environments that commonly require moving over obstacles. They also have the benefit of providing some additional suspension to protect fragile loads on trolleys or additional grip for moving loads outdoors in wet or muddy environments.

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