Wheelie Bins

Wheelie Bins

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These Wheelie Bins from Reflex Equip are injection moulded from specially designed and Australian made high density polyethylene. Wheelie Bins are resistant to heat, frost, decay, chemicals and also contain special UV stabilisation to provide excellent ageing characteristics.

You can use these industrial Wheelie Bins for a number of applications, ranging from household refuse, commercial waste, recyclable materials and household organics.

The Wheelie Bins we supply are manufactured in accordance with the current Australian Standard, as well as the current internationally recognised standard for Mobile Garbage Bins.

From our range of Wheelie Bins, the Wheelie Bin – 140 Litre – Blue – Food Grade is a food grade bin that is easy to manoeuvre, versatile and stable thanks to the external position of wheels. Suitable for all DIN lifting equipment, this wheelie bin is compatible with identification and weighing systems and is made to exceed Australian Standards AS4123. Moreover, it has a double angle rail for greater safety when emptying and has special ribs that prevent containers from becoming jammed when stacked.

If you require a foot pedal operated Wheelie Bin, consider our Wheelie Bin with Lid Lifter – 80 Litre – Red. Built for hygienic hands-free operation, this bin prevents cross contamination and minimises odour. It is especially useful in commercial kitchens, factories, medical and dental facilities, canteens, washrooms and food preparation areas.

Wheelie bins and lids are available in a range of colours that can be 'mixed and matched' to suit your specific needs. For instance, our Wheelie Bin Cabri Top for Waste – 240 Litre suits 240 litre bins and has a smooth external surface for convenient cleaning.

Reflex Equip has all kinds of bin solutions suitable for all types of industrial environments. We are your trusted suppliers of Wheelie Bins in Sydney.

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