Wheel - Polyurethane - 100kg - 100 x 23mm - Plain Bearing

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Polyurethane wheels have a longer tread life than rubber and offer excellent floor protection on linoleum, tile and carpet. When combined with stainless steel castors they are very suitable in wet and corrosive applications and are commonly used in Hospitals, Food Processing Plants and Pharmaceutical Laboratories. Polyurethane wheels provide easier rollability and smooth maneuverability for utility or service carts.

Polyurethane Wheel Specifications:

  • Capacity per Wheel kg: 100
  • Diameter x Width mm: 100 x 23
  • Hub Width x Bore mm/inch: 30 x 12
  • Bearing: Plain Bore

PolyurethaneWheel Features:

  • Longer tread life than rubber
  • Excellent floor protection
  • Easier rollability and smooth maneuverability

Some tyre selection factors:
The harder the tyre, the less out-of-round the tyre will be under load, and the smaller the resulting force required to start the wheel from rest on smooth floors. Hard wheels have high load bearing capacity and reduce push effort on carpet and soft surfaces but are very noisy on tiles and other hard surfaces and can also leave indentations on wooden floors.

The greater the resilience (bounciness/spring) of the tyre, the lower the sustained push effort required to pass over multiple obstacles (rough ground). That’s why wheelbarrows and other applications that involve rough ground use pneumatic or rubber tyres.

Domed tyres require less force to swivel a wheel. Flat profiles spread load and prevent damage to floors at high load ratings.

Rubber tyres such as grey or hi-res blue rubber may not be suitable for dirty floors or areas near tool rooms, as particles such as swarf or pebbles can get stuck in the tyres (which may then cause damage to floors). A nylon or
polyurethane tyre material would be suitable due to its harder surface which resists particle embedment.

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