Lifting Systems

Lifting Systems

Whether you need to lift a 50 kilogram person or a 5000 kilogram piece of machinery, Reflex Equip's comprehensive range of Lifting Systems is sure to cater for your particular application.

Our range includes Patient Lifting Hoists, Slings and Stretchers used in Healthcare Lifting as well as Lifting Attachments including Crane Spreader Beams, Magnetic Lifters and Plate Lifting Clamps used in industry. Of course if your application demands Hoisting Equipment, we can offer a great selection of Chain Hoists, Chain & Lever Blocks, Girder Clamps and Girder Trolleys.

Gantry Cranes offer a portable and economical way to lift materials anywhere in your factory, with durable nylon castors allowing ease of movement. Jib Cranes such as our Straight Arm Freestanding Jib Crane are used in a variety of industrial environments, including small workshops, big factory assembly lines, manufacturing facilities and harbours.

Lifting Slings are flexible industry standards when it comes to lifting and manual handling tasks. Able to lift smooth and fragile objects with ease, synthetic lifting slings are perfect for use in awkward locations. Reflex Equip has Flat Slings and Round Slings, both of which are supplied with capacity ratings between 1 tonne and 10 tonnes.

From our comprehensive range of Hoisting Equipment, chain blocks such as our Chain Block – Galvanised 3 Tonne – 6 Metre Lift have unique galvanising constructions to endure oxidising in the harshest environments. With overload protection and high quality components, this chain block is made to increase worker safety.

We are proud to supply the Sydney market with lifting systems suitable for a range of industries.

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