Reflex Equip supplies only quality Wheels, for a multitude of applications, to many manufacturers, warehouses, schools, hospitals and retailers throughout Australia.

In the Soft Wheel range we supply High Resilience and Polyurethane Wheels, Black, Grey Rubber and TPE Wheels. Optional Stainless Steel versions are available.

The Hard Wheel range includes Cast Iron, Polymer and PVC and Nylon wheels. Pallet Truck Wheels are also available.

The standard wheels and castors that Reflex Equip supply have a temperature range of 5° Celsius to 60° Celsius. Within this range our products work normally for their full working life. For applications with temperatures outside this range we supply specialised high temperature wheels designed to withstand temperatures of baking ovens.

Pneumatic wheels are a great option for carrying loads over uneven surfaces or in environments that commonly require moving over obstacles. They also have the benefit of providing some additional suspension to protect fragile loads on trolleys or additional grip for moving loads outdoors in wet or muddy environments.